SKINWALKERS by Wendy N.Wagner Skinwalkers Novel Review by Allen Childers I was in Pittsburg,KS looking for a novel at Hastings. I have recently been getting into Pathfinder Campaign setting and have breifly played the games with some friends. I picked up Skinwalkers and finished it in 3  days! It was amazing! Skinwalkers follows the story... Continue Reading →

Review – Pathfinder Tales: Skinwalkers

Skinwalkers is an EPIC PATHFINDER TALES novel and Jendara has quickly become one of my favorite Pathfinder heroes! Great Job Wendy N. Wagner!!

The Grassy Gnoll

Hey guys. There won’t be a recap of last night’s Reign of Winter session today, because I had to call it off at the last-minute.

My friend Edwin made a valiant effort at stopping a goal in hockey yesterday, but got a high-speed booted kick in the jaw for his trouble (not intentional, the guy was just running hard as he could, and ran straight through Eddie, taking a tumble himself in the process), and his wife is currently out-of-town. So I called Jimbles, let him know what had happened, picked up some Goodberry’s frozen custard and rolled around with a bag of DVDs to keep him company and make sure he was okay.  I think the rest of the group understands, when a friend is hurt and needs you, they take priority. He would have done the same for me if the roles had been reversed… Hell, over the years he’s done…

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