SKINWALKERS by Wendy N.Wagner

Skinwalkers Novel Review by Allen Childers

I was in Pittsburg,KS looking for a novel at Hastings. I have recently been getting into Pathfinder Campaign setting and have breifly played the games with some friends. I picked up Skinwalkers and finished it in 3  days! It was amazing!

Skinwalkers follows the story of Jendara Eriksdotter a barbarian whose life of violence has left her seeking a different path. Skinwalkers is a tale  of redemption,family,and survival. The voilence is raw and driven and gives an added flavor of realism to the enemy of this novel. Jendara is a guilt stricken barbarian whose tortured past leaves her scarred and yet within her scars she finds strength to perceivere and become a good mother.

I really enjoyed this novel. It was very much a Vikings tale told within the Pathfinder realm. Wendy N. Wagner has created a novel that eneriches the flavor of the Pathfinder world. I hope Wendy continues her Jendara novels because I think they will become the flagship novels people enjoy about Pathinder.

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  1. Glad to see you enjoyed Skinwalkers as much as I did. You should check out Mother Bears and Winter’s Wolves on the webfiction section, they also feature Jendara.

    Other tales that I’d really recommend are James Sutter’s Death’s Heretic and The Redemption Engine; Liane Merciel’s Nightglass (has a sequel due soon); and Howard Andrew Jones’ Plague of Shadows and Stalking The Beast. There’s more, but those are good starting points.

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    1. Thanks ! I have read James Sutters Death’s Heretic and I enjoyed it as well! I will head over to Paizo and get that notice and add myself to the registry. I appreciate the advice!

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