Just Routine by Dustyn McCormick

Make the coffee, brew the tea, clean the floors, start breakfast. Every night was the same routine mixed with making nice with customers. Make the coffee, brew the tea, clean the floors, start breakfast, I could handle all of that just fine. Make nice with customers… I wasn’t so good at that. It’s not that... Continue Reading →

Spellhawks Press Live Hangout

Join the Crew of the Spellhawks Press Live Hangout as we Pirate our way through The Streams!! Our Blogcast of Awesomeness is under construction to set sail to destinations unknown. We will be exploring fantasy, science-fiction, art, films, anime, steampunk and Into the very heart of Imagination! Now we are still learning how to fly... Continue Reading →

The Spellhawks Crew & Webfiction

Well met Spellhawks! The Spellhawks Crew is growing! Would like to officially welcome Dustyn McCormick and Charlene Rachelle aboard! We are excited to have them posting there opinions, reviews, and other awesomeness! Our WordPress will be a Forum for us to post original Web-fiction, Book Reviews, and other updates! This is meant to foster a... Continue Reading →

Spellhawks Press Supernatural & Horror Web Fiction contest!!!

Submits a short work of original web-fiction and we will post to our wordpress and other social media pages! The categories for submitting your stories are Supernatural,horror, dark fantasy, gothic noir. Please have all submissions in by Oct. 15 th 2014. Submit too -https://www.facebook.com/Spellhawkspress?ref=tn_tnmn . Winner will receive a personalized piece of artwork based off... Continue Reading →

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