Spellhawks Press Battle of the Five Armies Review

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is one of the first books I read that led me into Middle Earth. When The Fellowship of The Ring came out and I was once again swept away on this magical adventure. I would say the first trilogy was a close to intermediate adaption of the novel.It captured our imaginations and transported us to a place of magic and beauty.The cinematic landscape weighed heavily on computer graphics;even up close fight scenes of it’s main characters. Lord of the Rings brought aboard Sword-master Bob Anderson who the actual person fighting as Vader in Star wars and had trained Errol Flynn and others. They were able to balance CGI and practical effects in a convergence of Epic film making.
With Peter Jacksons interpretation of The Hobbit came new arcs within the story and new levels of epic action! A love story bound between a Dwarf and Elf that gave the story, in my opinion, an added layer of character development and enrichment that can only be found in young new love. You blend that into a cinematic roller coaster of Epic action with a spice of humor and you have the recipe of a legendary film! My daughter loves these movies even over Star Wars.
The only thing I could say that would have benefited this film would have been to have less over the top cg action battle and slow mo cuts. We were not as wooed by the landscape and the world like we were before because we had already been introduced.The world- building had already been established in LOTR.I understand the financial implications of a second trilogy may not have been as grand because of the gamble most sequels suffer.Really though the cg was top notch!
This entire film franchise will be known to me and by many others who value the Heroes journey and modern myths as one of the greatest film series of all time. Battle of The Five Armies is not an ending to a film franchise, It is the beginning of an Adventure! href=””>IMG_0505.JPG

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