Marvel & Netflix have hit a home-run with Daredevil!

I powered through the entire season like I was reading a graphic novel. Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil/Murdock  is played by Charlie Cox who can play a seemingly innocent bad ass at will.  I remember him from Stardust!Foggy Nelson is played by Elden Henson the orginal Bash Brother in The Might DUCKS! Deborah Ann Woll plays the Beautiful Karen Page. She is so hawwt! little red riding hood outfit in True Blood still makes drool. Wilson FISK the KINGPIN!!!! Vincent D’Onofrio Killed this Role!!He played this socio-path criminal who kind of reminded me of Dexter with a shit ton of money.

If  Marvels trend continues they are going dominate not only in epic comic storytelling but also in there shared universe linked across multiple mediums.I can’t wait for some more Marvel/Netflix!!.I would totally be stoked if they made CLOAK & Dagger or New Warriors!!

Written By- Allen Childers @childersartfx


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