Star Trek Renegades Review-The Masters of Their Fate by Allen Childers

I've followed Star Trek Renegades on social media for some time, and it was well worth the patience! The poem "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley weaves itself throughout the script and reflects in the attitudes of the characters, especially the Renegades' Captain lexxa Singh. Sky Conway and Tim Russ deliver a rousing adventure into the... Continue Reading →

No Need to Fear “Fear the Walking Dead” by PJ Graham

Last night, we finally got to see the much-discussed The Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead. Admittedly, I turned to AMC last night with a little trepidation. How could it possibly be as good as TWD? Would I like the urban setting of the side of Los Angeles that tourists and stars don’t frequent?... Continue Reading →

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