The Axe Maiden

Helvina Helsdotter was only twelve when her brother Jarl was swallowed whole by the Giant. She would have been eaten too but with his last swing of his Axe Jarl cut the giants tongue off before vanishing down his gullet.

The Giant howled and spat the battle Axe to the ground. Lodging it deep into the root of A blood-thorn willow. He bounded into the Grimwyr Forest still screaming.

Helvina sat in shock for two days staring at the Axe.

Her blond unkept hair blowed in tangles. Hunger & thirst gnawed at her soul.

The Blood-Thorn Willow sought the blood from the Axe and wrapped its vines around it.

Finally she screamed long and loud Jarls name. So loud and full of pain & anguish that her throat cracked.

Then a new emotion emerged from her the likes she had never felt before. At twelve she was mostly a pleasant girl with very few tantrums until now. A deep hot rage grew within her and bubbled forth as she gripped the Bloodthorne handle. Searing pain infurated her more and she swore vengeance against all giant kind & damned the old gods for allowing Jarl to be taken so young!

The Axe ripped from the root and she lifted with all her might. She was stronger and angrier than shed been her entire life.

There before her was a presence more immense than any giant could ever be. It encompassed all she could see as she realized she was no longer in Grimwyr Forest.

Cephereus the Dragon God of Death & Shadow looked upon her with expectant and curious slitted eyes.

“Well creature who dares damn a dragon; you’ve gotten my attention in rather crude manner”

The voice was soft whispers & honey on the surface and cold ice underneath.

She fell to her knees.

” Oh great Cephereus take me instead. Jarl deserves more than to be lost to giant. Hes got the heart of a mighty warrior”

Cephereus had not known a mortal more eager to die for another than this girl. For a brief moment he felt a flicker of warmth in his cold veins

” The Synth River of Souls is one way little Axe Maiden.”

He could see the crest fallen stance and her heart shattering with every second.

” Your brother is dead. He died bravely saving your life. He has earned his place among Halls of Thorhyr. The River of Souls is ever flowing but how long they take to get there is often up to them. Many move on quickly in the everafter tides. There are those that linger on for a time. Bound to mortals or objects in this world with strong connection. ”

A spark of hope leaped into her eyes.

Cephereus grinned showing the length of his grizzled maw and razor sharp teeth.

” make no mistake Helvina Helsdotter this request comes at a price. A certian undead Sorceress beleives herself to be beyond my dominion and I would like you to remind her through deed and fury that the Synth River will carry all souls to their Nethyr Realms. Be my champion Helvina Helsdotter and you shall be with your brother Jarl once more”

The tears burned away from hers and she stood before the dragon as couragously as she could muster.

“Aye. I can do that.”

With that her her Axe twisted and gnarled itself. Steel churned and heated itself like brimstone.

She could feel Jarls presence in the Axe.

” Helvina? Is that you?.. What happened to the river? I could hear grand dads voice.”…..


……….. Helvina grinned.

” brother. Its a long story and we’ve got work to do”

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