Journey to Mythica by Allen Childers

Mythica: A Quest For Heroes by Arrowstorm Entertainment. Photo courtesy of Arrowstorm Entertainment.

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes from Arrowstorm Entertainment is a cinematic love letter to the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game and fantasy in all other mediums. This film makes you want to get your dice out, roll up a character, call your friends and start playing an epic quest!

The story revolves around a young slave named Marek who longs to become a wizard. After escaping her master, she journeys to Hammerheads Inn where she forms an unlikely team of heroes to rescue the sister of Teela, a young priestess, from an ogre.

My first instinct is that this reads like the initial quest in a video game. If your thinking “SWEET!,” then you’re my kind of people. This is the beginning to a saga of films that continue on in Mythica 2: The Dark Spore, which was successfully kickstarted as well as Mythica 3: The Necromancer and a fourth Mythica film. Looks like I will have some more reviews to do!

Mythica Heroes 2
Thane (Adam Johnson), Marek (Melanie Stone), Dagen (Jake Stormoen), Teela (Nicoa Posener). Photo courts of Arrowstorm entertainment.

Marek is played by Melanie Stone. A dark haired wizard with a darkness within.

Thane is played is by Adam Johnson. A large gruff looking warrior who can throw a long sword at you. Be prepared to run.

Dagen is played by Jake Stormoen. A half-elf rogue who is sly, charming and never has enough damn arrows.

Teela is played by Nicola Posener. Priestess of the Order of Ana-Sett and is pretty much Thane’s caretaker every time he gets hit by the ogre.

The acting  from the cast, crew and extras of this film really brought Mythica too life for me. Dagen and Marek’s chemistry seemed flirtatious and playful but never overpowering the fun of the story. Thane was a bad ass. I would like to see more of Teela developed in the coming films overall.

Of course, we cannot ignore Kevin Sorbo’s part. He plays Gojun Pye, Marek’s magical mentor. He was entertaining but his part was very brief. I am glad – based on previews of the next few films – that he will have more of a role to play.

One of the first things I noticed about watching Mythica is that it transports you into another realm of magical beauty, wonder and danger. The attention to detail on sets, costumes and scenery were so well done that it competed with Lord of the Rings films, in my opinion. The entire State of Utah provides fantastical scenic vistas that gives the film a stark serenity and untamed wildness. Nearly every scene looked as though Keith Parkinson painted it.

In a review, I tend to focus mainly on the good things, and the only thing I could hope to be improved upon were the CGI effects. I will say, though, that with an indie film budget, this film really delivered. It was more satisfying than the aforementioned RPG games attempt at making movies.

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes is about a team of people coming together to become adventurers and to face dangers. They are stronger together than apart as evidenced when they split up. It’s also a tale of friendship and what that means to people who never have truly fit in with world around them.

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