Age of Myth Review

     I read “Age of Myth Book One of the Legends of the First Empire”  by  Michael J. Sullivan a few days ago! I picked up this book excited with anticipation.I am a fan of Michael J. Sullivan! His Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles sequels both deserve reviews of there own as well. When I read that it takes place in the same world thousands of years before the events of the other two series I kind of squealed. This is an awesome book and a great start to a new series.If you don’t wish to know any more you should stop here. Although I consider myself to be SPOILER-light, It may ruin getting to know these characters better.

     One of the first things I noticed when reading this book is the craftsmanship that came with putting it together. There is a even an About The Type  section that goes over the type fonts’ history. The cover art by Marc Simonetti envisions a pivotal scene beautifully. Del Rey did an excellent job publishing this book.

The Legend follows three main protagonists as they navigate through a mythic age of gods,conquest, and survival. Raithe is a warrior who slays one of the gods called The Fhrey. He is a man driven by a honor and the desire to lead a happy life. He doesn’t relish in bloodshed and seems annoyed that his sense of honor gets the better of him. He cares a great deal for people who show him kindness.

Rhunes, as the Fhrey call humans, are seen as primitve even though they have vast numbers. Rhunes do seem to be in a transitional period between primitive neolithic era into a Bronze era while The Fhrey seem to be in a transcendent Roman era in terms of civilization and technology although they are highly naturalistic. I may have the time eras off by a bit.

Rhunes like Suri, The Mystic seem almost Animist. Everything has a spirit and connected to one another.Even fire has a spirit. Suri is by far the most level headed out of the three heroes even though she is so young.She sees the pattern of the universe so clearly she thinks other Rhunes as inhibited because they can’t. She sees living in civilization as a self-imposed impairment but the food is good. She is accompanied by a beautiful white wolf is her sacred protector in the wild.

Persephone is a natural born leader although she isn’t aware of it. She is strong, wise, and knows when to take action. She also is suffering from the tragic loss of her son and husband. Even in that grief she never yields to think of her people first, even before her own needs. Persephone has good instincts about how to survive and doesn’t really ask permission to act when it’s needed.

These are only three characters and Michael J. Sullivan has orchestrated a full cast that leaves you wanting more. He weaves a tale of about illuminating myths like the ones the Fhrey tell while creating real ones with his characters. All the while he tells you small personable tales between these characters of love, tragedy, power, and hope for survival. What I enjoy so much about this book is the small interactions between the characters and how they endeavor to survive with courage, humor, and hope.  He has thus far become one of my favorite fantasy authors. The great thing is that these Legends are already told and All we have to do is Pre-Order and wait! ( OR read Riyria Novels while your waiting.)



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