Cover Art for DUSTYN McCormicks Ragged Edge

Cover artist: Anna Clifford aka Acstrider. Find her work at her Deviant Art.

Please continue the funding of Dustyn’s Novel Here.

Hi there,

My name is Dustyn McCormick, I am a married father of four, a proud mythology geek, and was a paranormal investigator for 10 years. I am working on publishing my debut novel “Ragged Edge”.
If it sounds like something you’d like to read then please help by donating funds to help me defray the costs of publishing, marketing, and the starting of a brand new independent publishing company called Spellhawks Press.
After a ferocious confrontation with a succubus to save the life of his psychiatrist, Sean Gryphon of Atlantis is ordered to protect human archeologist Dr. Ilsy Hillerman and her latest discovery, the missing ten pages of the Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil’s Bible. Sean and his unusual allies, Cajun werewolf Ben Jennings, and the Celtic Goddess Danu, risk everything to save Ilsy’s life from foes with powers beyond his own, and prevent the author of the Codex from opening a gateway to hell on earth.
That’s nothing too far out of the ordinary for Sean. Except this time the Atlantean Elder Council is tired of his cavalier attitude and threatens him with death if he fails. Even more terrifying than death threats, Sean finds himself falling in love with Ilsy.


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