Congratulations, Dustyn McCormick!

Congratulations to Spellhawks Press’ first published author, Dustyn McCormick!

Spellhawks Press embarks on a new journey into the realm of small press and independent publishing with our flagship novel, “Ragged Edge.” My goal when creating Spellhawks Press was not to publish anything more than reviews on science fiction and fantasy. However, when the door to creativity is opened and inspiration takes root, it is hard not to foster it. Dustyn McCormick has been my friend for many years and I have always had a fondness for his writing. His subtle sarcasm and humor permeates even his scariest short stories. It has been my honor to collaborate with him on his first published novel and I wish us both success in our new careers.

– Allen Childers- Spellhawks Press CEO, Creative Arts Director, Concept Artist & Illustrator.

Here is a link to Dustyn McCormick’s first novel, “Ragged Edge.”

Please leave a review! We appreciate any feedback you can give us.

If you would like to request a copy for review for media purposes, please contact  or



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