Guild Tokens 5E

Guild tokens are an alternative game mechanic designed to enhance D&D 5E gameplay by challenging the DM as well as the players. The DM can decide to introduce this mechanic at anytime during a natural progression of leveling or at the start of the game. The recommended levels are Level 1, Level 3, or Level 10. All rules and implementation of the mechanic are at the DM’s discretion. A DM may decide that 10 tokens is as an extravagant amount of tokens and only offer 4 or 6 tokens. This could be because it may only be a one-shot adventure.

Guild tokens are boons that players can use to take special actions. Players cannot roll the same special action twice on the same dice number. Players get to reroll once on an action that has already been taken. Only one player can make a roll per combat encounter or after a short rest. Should no guild tokens be spent during a gaming session, the player can keep them until the next gaming session until end of campaign or cash out all guild tokens for a magic item or weapon of the DM’s choice. Optional: Should ALL players keep their guild tokens and cash them out, they will automatically level up two levels. Potentially, this could lead the entire party to level to 3 after one gaming session.

Roll D10 to determine special action.
D1- purchase +1 to any skill check.
D2- purchase a bonus move action.
D3- purchase temporary feat that you have prerequisites for. Utilization of the feat lasts for one encounter.
D4- purchase advantage too for players next roll.
D5- negate disadvantage on next roll.
D6- purchase a + 5 to any skill check.
D7- purchase temporary invisibility for minimal duration of invisibility spell per PHB.
D8- purchase temporary uncanny healing for any player. Max HP die determined by class.
D9- purchase bonus combat action.
D10- Challenge The DMS last roll with coin flip. Player calls the side. If player side of coin is up DM rerolls with disadvantage. If DM side is up the last roll stands and players coined is burned.

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