Hivekin 5E Race


Hivekin Warrior
Hivekin Warrior illustrated by Allen Childers ©Spellhawkspress

Race: Hivekin

Hivekin are a species of Humanoid-Insect hybrids created by the Athraxi Horde. The Athraxi Horde are an expansionist species of interplanetary insectoids who are bent on harvesting resources from other worlds.

Alien Origins

Thousands of biogenesis cocoons were seeded across the multiverse during the initial expansion. Blood extracted and harvested by Athraxi drones and warriors are used to create the hybrid genetic makeup. Hivekin were designed to emulate the humanoid form but improve its function. They believe they are the most efficient species.Their insect heritage shows in the form of antennae protruding from the forehead, and hybrid compound eyes that have an alien crystalline look.

Hiveless Exiles & Wanderers

Occasionally a Hivekin is cut off from The Hivemind or is spawned from its biogenesis cocoons without establishing a mind link to the hive. When this happens it’s left to make its way in the universe. Adventuring comes naturally to the Hivekin. Social interaction can be difficult because they have  all the physical appearance of a humanoid but none of their emotional turmoil. Some Hivekin can interpret emotions through pheromones and emulate them well enough to succeed with their objective or mission but doesn’t experience them the same way.

BioGenetic Ancestry

Hivekin appearance is dependent on its hive brood. Their skin tones and markings can vary from yellow, red, blue, green, or black. They can be dazzlingly colorful or blend into the shadows easily.  Most Colony hivekin adorn themselves in colors matching their hive brood. Forsaken Hivekin have taken to the individual styles of humanoids.

At the end of its life cycle the dying Hivekin forms 4d6 biogenesis Cocoons imparting its genetic material onto the next batch of Hivekin. The Hivekin will psychically imprint their biogenesis cocoons and impart its genetic knowledge and some of its memories into the cocoons.

New Hivekin are born fully grown adults with some knowledge of its genetic predecessor.

Hivekin Given Names. Erex, Zenji, Vex, Xai, Twix, Zira, Vaeri, Nyx,

Hivekin Chosen names. Sting, Dragonfly, Roach, Buzz,Leech

Hivekin Racial Traits

Ability Score Modifier. You gain +1 to constitution ,+1 to  Intelligence , – 1 Charisma.

Alignment. Hivekin are typically lawful neutral. The ideals of good and evil seem foreign to them but The Hivemind has a sense of overall morality. The Hivekin do what’s best for the Hive. Forsaken Hivekin are prone to experiencing variations in behavior that lends itself more towards chaos.

Size. Your size is Medium. Hivekin stand between 5-7 feet tall. They weigh between 180- 250 pounds.

Type. Humanoid-Insect hybrid

Speed. Base speed is 30 feet.

Languages. Common, Telepathy, Athraxi

Pheromone Senses. You can taste scent through pheromones secreted by both plants, animals, and creatures. Hivekin can add their proficiency modifier to one of the following skills: Perception, Insight, Survival.

Hivemind Resistance. You are resistant to psychic damage and mind affecting spells.

Limited Telepathy. You can communicate telepathically with any creature that understands you within 40 feet of you. 

Insectoid Mind. Human interaction and emotion is strange to you. While You do possess personal individuality as a species you’re  driven by a communal hive mentality. You have disadvantage on persuasion and deceptions checks.

Hivekin Adaptations.You can manifest psi-genetic adaptations after you have regenerated enough psychic energy after a short rest or long rest.

At 1st level you can manifest your psi energy into one adaptation of your choice.

At 5th level you can use your chosen adaptation twice in one day but they must be separated by a short or long rest.

At 10nth level you can use two different adaptations twice per day separated by a long rest .

At 15th level, The time duration for your manifested adaptations are doubled. They recharge with a long rest. 

After a long rest you can choose to change out your adaptations by focusing your psychic energies towards the journey ahead.

Soulstingers. You can manifest two stingers that protrude through your fists. For one minute your unarmed attacks do 1d4 psychic damage on a hit. If a natural 20 is rolled the creature must make a constitution saving throw with a DC of 13. On a failed save  the creature is stunned. 

Glimmerskin. You can control the luminosity of your skin to manifest a dim or bright light in a 20 foot radius around you for up to 5 minutes. You can blink the light on and off or just sustain in for the duration.

Psi-wings. You generate Dragonfly, Wasp, Butterfly, or Moth like wings made from psychic energy that protrude from your back. You gain a fly speed of 30 feet for 10 minutes

 Carapace Armor. An exoskeleton carapace manifests from psi energy around you for 5 minutes. You gain a natural Armor bonus of 13 + constitution modifier. While wearing carapace armor you’re immune to psychic damage or mind altering effects.

Mind-leech. You can feed off the mental energy of a living creature. You can impose disadvantage on an unwilling creature’s next intelligence skill check and give yourself advantage on your next intelligence skill check. 

Hivekin Subraces

Colony Hivekin. Colony Hivekin are hivekin whose connection to the hivemind has not been severed. Colony Hivekin are loyal to the Athraxi Horde but may adventure for many reasons including collecting information for the Hive Queens. Brood colonies learn to rely on their chosen collective for companionship.

Colony Hivekin Traits

Ability score Modifier. You gain + 1 to Intelligence

Collective Combat. You can mentally coordinate and enhance your allies through a psychic signal. Each ally can aid or assist one another as a free bonus action if they are within 30 feet radius from you. Additionally those in your collective while linked can get one enhancement psychically bestowed of your choice. +1 on attack rolls, AC, or on an ability check. Once the link ends or your allies move out of the radius those in your collective lose enhancement.This ability lasts for 5 minutes. This ability recharges after a short or long rest.

Hivemind Nexus. You gain access to the Hivemind Nexus of genetic memory. You gain advantage on your next Intelligence skill check of your choice. Recharges after a short rest.

Forsaken Hivekin. Forsaken Hivekin is one whose connection to the hivemind has been broken. This can commonly happen through exile or through malfunction with a biogenesis cocoon. Forsaken Hivekin learn to rely on their individuality and have spent enough time around other species to interpret humanoid emotions through pheromones.

Forsaken Hivekin Traits

Ability Score Modifier. You gain +1 to Wisdom

Collective Discord. You can generate a disruptive telepathic signal that causes dissonance in the Hivemind once per long rest. While using your signal all telepaths within 30 feet radius around you are cut off from telepathic communication and take disadvantage on aiding and assisting in combat.When multiple forsaken are near one another their discord signal radius can expand 10 feet per forsaken. Psychic spells or psi abilities are also affected by collective discord ability and anyone using psychic spells or psi energy must make an intelligence saving throw DC13 or higher or the spell or ability won’t work. This ability lasts for 5 minutes and recharges after a short or long rest. 

Pheromone Kiss. You have altered your pheromones to negate your negative charisma. Additionally you can cast Charm Person or Command once per short rest.

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