Aeronaut: Artificer Subclass for 5E


* DISCLAIMER : The Following is home-brew content I created without the intention to sell. I do not own the artwork for Will Murai and have left links to where you can find the artwork online. I do not own the rules system or class Artificer for D&D. This is unofficial content and is not associated with MTG or Dungeons & Dragons owned by Wizards of the Coast LLC.

Aeronaut Subclass for 5E Artificer 

Aeronauts are artificers who have used a blend of science and magic to design a flying apparatus that allows them to soar through the skies. Using a blend of aeronautic engineering and magical ingenuity you construct a Flying Apparatus from various materials you have gathered and tinkered with. 

Tool Proficiency 

When you adopt the aeronaut specialization at third level you gain proficiency in Weavers and Tinker Tools.  If you already have proficiency in either tool kit you gain one other tool proficiency. 

You also gain an Aviator’s Pack* in you equipment inventory.

Aviator’s Pack:

A small pouch separate from your flying apparatus that contains a non-magical parachute made of silkweave that allows the wearer to fall 60 feet per round until they land without falling damage.

Aeronaut Spell List 

 Starting at 3rd level, You always have certain spells prepared after you reach particular levels, as shown in the aeronauts spell list. These spells count as artificer spells for you but don’t count against the number of spells you have prepared.

3rd  Fog Cloud, Zephyr Strike 

5th  Gust of Wind, Mirror Image

9th  Thunderstep, Lightning Bolt

13th Dimension Door, Storm Sphere

17th  Farstep, Passwall 

Flying Apparatus 

At 3rd level, You develop a schema and prototype for an infused Flying Apparatus. With the device you gain a limited fly speed of 20 feet for 15 minutes. While flying you can not be wearing medium or heavy armor. You can use the flight all at once or break up your flight into smaller 1 minute jaunts until the flight movement is expended. After flight movement is expended a short or long rest is required to recharge The Flying apparatus or you can burn a spell slot for an extra 5 minutes . Your flying device can look like anything you desire. A rocket-pack, fairy, avian, or dragon wings, a rotating propeller or even a hot air balloon.  It is an integrated worn device apart of your equipment and takes a bonus action to deploy and store. If the race of the Aeronaut has flying capability the Flying Apparatus enhances their own flight speed by 5 feet. 

If you are incapacitated while flying you take 1d6 bludgeoning damage per foot of the fall. Your device will need to be repaired with tools or cast the mend spell with a short or long rest before reuse. 

Initially to use tools and cast spells you need to be flat footed. 

You are proficient in using magical or non magical weapons and items while flying. 

Aerial Maneuvers

At 5th  level, You can choose from the Aerial Maneuvers list as many times a day as your intelligence modifier is. 

  • Hovering. You can choose to hover 3 feet off the ground and this does not affect your fly speed but it does take your walking speed movement. You no longer have to land to cast spells while hovering in mid flight.
  • Eject. You can eject mid flight as a reaction to an attack you can see coming but before the results are known if it hits. If you eject you get advantage on the saving throw against the attack.
  • Repairs. You can use tools while hovering in mid flight to repair your apparatus or make other skill checks. 

Greater Flying Apparatus 

At 9th level, You have improved the design of your Flying Apparatus . Your flight speed is increased to 50 feet for 30 minutes. You can burn a higher level spell slot to gain an extra 10 minutes of flight. Additionally you also gain the following Aerial Maneuvers. 


  • Skylift. You can lift a creature the same size as you or smaller in the air. If the creature is wearing heavy armor you fly as if in difficult terrain. If the creatures falls they take 1d6 bludgeoning damage per foot of the fall. 
  •  Aerobatic Dodge. Add your proficiency bonus to dexterity saving throws and ranged attacks damage is halved while your flying. 
  •  Aerial Assist. As a bonus action you can render aid to your allies engaged in combat  by distracting the creature they are engaged with. This will give them an advantage on their next attack.

Master Aviator

At 15th level, Your walking speed is added to your flight speed when using your flying apparatus. You can fly continuously for up to 1 hour using your device or break it up into smaller 1 minute jaunts. You can burn a higher level spell slot for an additional twenty minutes flight time.  Additionally you have gain the following Aerial Maneuvers.

  • Flyby. You do not provoke an opportunity attack when you fly out of an enemies reach or passed their reach. 
  • Diving Charge. When you fly toward a target, you can use your action to make one weapon attack or shove a target. If you move at least 50 feet towards a target immediately before taking this bonus action, you either gain a +5 bonus to the attack roll and damage or push the target up to 10 feet away from you. You can still suffer opportunity attacks if you do not disengage before moving away.
  • Eldritch Velocity. You can burn an infusion and use the dash action while flying. After using your Flying Apparatus will be expended and needs a short or long rest to recharge. 

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  1. Hi, just wanted to suggest a quick edit. In the two places that you mention fall damage you say per foot but normal fall damage is per 10 feet. Idk if this was intentional or not but if a player falls in either of those two conditions it could easily be insta death.

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