Trove of Wonders: 5e Artificer & Wizard Subclasses

* The following blog post is play test material written from Spellhawks Press authors. They are intended  for home brew and fun but have not gone through final editing to be published through the OGL. For easier viewing here is a pdf document Trove of Wonders Artificer Specialization: Aeronaut Artificer Specialization: Aeronaut Aeronauts are artificers... Continue Reading →

Artificer Specialization: The Toymaster

Spellhawks' first DMSGUILD product has been released into the wild! We are excited to bring you exciting content for your Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition games. An Artificer is a class offered in the Wizards of the Coasts campaign setting world of Eberron. An artificer specialization is the subclass that allows for variations of the... Continue Reading →

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