5e Barbarian Subclass: Path of Infernal Wrath

Infernal Warrior © Allen Childers

Path of Infernal Wrath

The Devils of Hell and the Demons of the Abyss have often influenced and enticed warriors with fiendish powers.  These immortal creatures look for fodder for their generals to lead in the eternal  Bloodwar. Once a deal is struck or a soul has tainted the warrior unlocks their infernal wrath. A wave of anger persists when they rage that is not easily quenched except for the spilled blood of their enemies.

Origin of Infernal Wrath. 

Roll a D4 dice or choose from the origins below. 

  1. You sold a fragment of your soul for the power to destroy your enemies.
  2. Your body was tainted by demonic ichor and now it burns within when you rage.
  3. A vengeful fiend inhabits your body. When you get mad it releases some of its power.
  4. You were born near a planar crossing too close to the abyss or hell.

Warrior of Infernal Wrath

Starting when you choose this path At 3rd level when you go into a rage, the fiendish power surges through you.  Until the rage ends, choose the form your infernal wrath takes.

Hellish Visage.  Your fiendish nature manifests and your body transforms.  Vestigial Horns or wings, demonic eyes, goat hooves, or a long split-forked tongue are some examples of your transformation. Until the end of your rage when a creature misses you with an attack roll you can make them frightened of you. On their next turn, they can make a wisdom-saving throw against 10 plus your charisma modifier to not be frightened. Add your Constitution modifier to any attack or damage rolls within this form. 

Brimstone Weapon. You channel your rage into a mighty weapon of your choice. It becomes corrupted and tainted with infernal power. The weapon sheds light in a 5-foot radius. On a successful hit the brimstone weapon does 1d8 additional fire damage at 3rd level, 2d6 at 5th level, and 2d8 at 11nth level. 

Dark One’s Fortitude 

At 6th level, the dark powers that fuel your wrath have given you a sliver of their fortitude. You gain resistance to fire & poison damage.

Chains of the Damned

At 10nth level, When you make a melee weapon attack against a creature with your brimstone weapon and hit, the creature must make a dexterity saving throw DC 8 + your Strength modifier or be grappled by spiked chains. Once restrained the creature can make a strength check to escape at the beginning of its next turn to try and escape. DC to escape is 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus.  Until the grapple ends the target is restrained and takes 2d6 piercing damage at the start of its turns. You can only grapple one creature per rage. 

Infernal Warlord

At 14th level, The chains of the damned feature can now grapple as many creatures as your proficiency bonus per rage. Once restrained the target creatures can make a strength check to escape. DC to escape is 10 +strength modifiers + Proficiency  Bonus.  Until the grapple ends the targets are restrained and take 2d10 piercing damage at the start of their turns. 

Additionally, any damage that creatures restrained by your chains take gives you extra hit points equal to the damage taken. If the restrained creatures drop down to 0 hit points the chains pull their souls into the River Styx. 

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