The Wondermakers Key: 5E Magic Item

The Wondermaker’s Key

Wondrous Item, Legendary ( Requires Attunement by an Artificer) 

The Wondermaker’s Key is a magical key created by an infamous master artificer. A renowned creator throughout the multiverse known only as “ The Wondermaker”. The key was believed to be lost forever when The Wondermaker vanished. Inside the workshop the servants greet whoever opens it for the first time with ” Greetings, Wondermaker. What shall we create today.” Some legends say there isn’t just one Wondermaker out there. The Wondermakers Key finds them and bestows the mantle of “The Wondermaker” to those who can rouse the magic within.

Heroic. The Wondermaker’s Key grants the following benefits in its heroic state. 

  • The Wondermaker’s Key allows an attuned artificer to use the key as a spellcasting focus by transforming it into any toolkit of the artificer’s choice.
  • The attuned artificer can cast Detect Magic without using a spell slot.
  • The artificer attuned to the key can summon it to their hand from anywhere on the same plane they are on.

Vigilant. When the Wondermaker’s Key becomes vigilant, it gains the following properties: 

  • While holding the key you can use an action to cast one of the following spells from it: Arcane Lock, Knock, Tiny Servant, or Summon Construct. Once a spell has been cast using the key in this way it can’t be cast again until the next dawn.
  • As a reaction, You can cause a construct that is hostile towards you to make a saving throw against your spellcasting modifier. On a save the construct suffers no effects. On a failure, the construct is paralyzed. Once this property has been used it can’t be used until the next dawn.

Mythic. When the Wondermakers Key becomes mythic, it gains the following properties.

  • While holding the key you can use a bonus action to open a portal to a specific demi-plane called The Wondermaker’s Workshop and stay in it with up to 8 companions for 24 hrs. The Wondermaker’s Workshop uses the same spell information as the Magnificent Mansion spell except the servants have the same tool proficiencies as you. Additionally, magic items or objects crafted in the Wondermaker’s Workshop take half the crafting time. Once the key is used to access the workshop it can’t be accessed until the next dawn.
  • As an action, you can transform The Wondermaker’s Key into a Shield Guardian construct for 1 hour. The shield guardian listens to your commands and if it engages in combat its initiative is immediately after yours. It uses your action to do anything other than taking the dodge action. Once the key has been used in this way it can’t be used again until the next dawn.

** This content is homebrew content. This is not official D&D or WOTC content. This is intended for fan use only.**

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