5E Subclass: Hearth Domain Cleric

Hearth Domain Cleric

The hearth domain cleric deals with matters of the home, ancestral traditions, and hospitality. Hearth Domain Clerics can be found in taverns & inns across the multiverse bringing the comforts of home to the open road. The small fire brings warmth to those in need and can often make even the cruelest heart soften with good cheer and fine food. While hearth clerics aren’t as driven to battle as other clerics they make up for it by supporting allies within their hearth. When the need arises they can leave a lasting scorch mark upon their enemies who seek to harm their friends. 

Hearth Domain Spells

Cleric Level       Spells

1st level          Goodberry, Searing Smite

3rd Level        Aid, Calm Emotions

5th level          Aura of Vitality, Create Food & Water 

7th level          Fire Shield,  Private Sanctum

9th level         Hallow, Greater Restoration

Bonus Cantrips

When you choose this domain at first level you gain the Sacred Flame and Create Bonfire cantrip from the druids’ spell list. This spell counts as cleric spell for you and your spellcasting modifier is Wisdom. 

Warded Fellowship

At the first level,  you create a magical ward of fellowship between allies that have camaraderie with one another. Choose a number of willing creatures equal to your proficiency bonus + class level and a designated area of a 30-foot square. You create a magical bond between your fellowship that lasts for 10 minutes or until you use the feature again. While the fellowship is within 30 feet of the designated area they have resistance to bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing damage and a +1 added to their AC. As a bonus action, you can move the designated area on your turn up to 10 feet. If one of the fellowship allies drops to zero hit points the warded benefit ends and can’t be used again until a long rest is taken. 

You can use this feature twice before it recharges with a long rest.

Channel Divinity: Sacred Hearth

As an action, you can create a fire-like radiance that emanates both heat and light in a five-foot cube in a range up to 60 feet from you. Any hostile creature who is caught in the cube makes a Dexterity Saving Throw or takes 2d8 + your cleric level of radiant damage. Radiant light extends in a 30-foot square around the five-foot cube. Additionally, Any creatures that are not hostile towards you within the radiant light area gain 1d8 hit points. 

Improved Fellowship

Starting at the 6th level, if an ally of the fellowship drops to 0 hit points while the warded fellowship is active, you or another ally can share up to 1d10 of your own hit points with them on their next turn.

Ember Aura

Starting at the 8th level, you generate an aura of warm radiant energy surrounding you. You gain resistance to cold and necrotic damage. Additionally, your body can produce dim light up to five feet from you. 

Everlasting Fellowship

Starting at the 17th level, If you drop to zero hit points and your allies do not heal you with 1d10 hit points your body bursts into a radiant fire-like bonfire and dispels magical darkness in a 60-foot radius. Any hostile creature within that radius makes a Constitution saving throw against your spellcasting DC. On a successful hit, they take 4d12 radiant damage or half damage on a save. Additionally, Any of the fellowship allies within the 60-foot radius regains hit points equal to half their hp maximum.

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