5E Homebrew Race: Ærachna (Spider-folk)

Ærachna (Spider-folk )

Ærachna (Spider-Folk)

Ærachna are humanoid hybrid spider-folk. They are primarily a society of treetop dwelling clans who live in untamed  jungle forests. They are known throughout the realms for both their weaving craft and divination magic. 

Wyrdweavers and Talespinners

Ærachna magically tend to be diviners and storytellers. Many practitioners follow the weft and weave of prophecy and fate in the strands of magical webbing called the Web of Wyrd. However there are those equally adept at spinning tales of wonder and enchantment into both word and webcraft.

Ærachna and Driders

Many Aerachna Clans have been mistaken for drow driders because they share some semblance of appearance. This has caused Ærachna Clans to become secretive and shy of outsiders. However, many Aerachna are insatiably curious and have chosen to adventure and have been given heroic renown. 

Names :Zim, Varia, Kaija,Azlan,Windle, Vren, Zorana, Mojo

Nicknames: Quickstitch, Twill, Whorlweft, Shadowweaver, Fatespindler

Ærachna Traits

Creature Type. You are a humanoid.

Size.Your size is medium or small.

Speed. You have a 30 foot walking speed.

Languages. You know Aerachna & Common.

Arachnid-Hybrid Form. You have the lower body of an arachnid. You are considered one size category larger when it comes to pushing or pulling and carrying capacity.You can jump up to half your walking speed.Additionally, you have a climbing speed equal to your walking speed without the use of your arms and can crawl along surfaces both vertically or upside down.

Web-Weaver. You are naturally proficient with weavers tools and you can use them as an implement for your spellcasting focus.

  • You can generate a 50 foot strand of webbing that can make silk rope, create a net, or make a suit of clothing once per day. 
  • You can cast the spells Web or Snare using charisma, wisdom, or intelligence as your spellcasting modifier. You can cast one spell twice before each spell once before expended. Recharges on a rest. 

Web-Strider. Walking over webs does not slow or reduce any of your movement speed.

Spider-Sense. You gain proficiency in perception skill and can also sense creatures through vibrations in a 30 foot radius around you while they are moving if you are touching the same surface they are.

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