New Project Cover Reveal! Madam Sookie’s Gatorhut: Magical Items & other Curiosities

Cover Illustration by Allen Childers find more artwork at @childersartstudios

Madam Sookie is a semi-benevolent Swamp Hag who traverses the multiverse in a Zombie Gatorhut named Gnaw Tooth. While she is more helpful than many hags she always has her own agenda for helping those she comes across.

Madam Sookie’s Gator Hut: Magical Items & other Curiosities is a 5e supplement I am creating for folks to drop into their D&D 5e games. In this supplement you will find

  • NPC Stat Block for Madam Sookie, Gnaw Tooth, and some other creatures she has skittering around her demesne.
  • magical items and other curiosities as the name suggests
  • a lineage that can be applied to a 5E race.

I want to retain flexibility with this supplement because I may release it under the Core Fantasy Roleplaying system that Kobold Press is developing with their Project Black Flag/Tales of the Valiant game that they are playtesting right now.


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