The Initiation – Lovecraftian web fiction by Eliza Stockton

The Initiation: A Lovecraftian Short Story by Eliza Stockton The air hung thick like the fumes of a ritual censor. My mind ran wild in the darkness of my hoodwinked body. For in the distance I could hear booted feet approaching where I now sat. Somewhere far away, a nightingale called for her mate. As... Continue Reading →

Dustyn McCormick’s novel receives launch in Topeka, KS on Jan. 19

Pittsburg, KS – January 7, 2017 – Local author Dustyn McCormick will get his first taste of publishing success at the local launch of his debut novel, Ragged Edge. The event is slated for Thursday, January 19, from 3 to 7 p.m. at World Cup Coffee & Crepes at 1501 SW 21st Street in Topeka.... Continue Reading →

Age of Myth Review

     I read "Age of Myth Book One of the Legends of the First Empire"  by  Michael J. Sullivan a few days ago! I picked up this book excited with anticipation.I am a fan of Michael J. Sullivan! His Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles sequels both deserve reviews of there own as well. When... Continue Reading →

Spellhawks Press Radio on Soundcloud

Hello Spellhawks! Just wanted to share with you our latest adventure on the inter-webs. We have created a Soundcloud station Called Spellhawks Press Radio! We will be discussing Fantasy & Science Fiction primarily but not to exclude Horror or Steampunk, as well as Comics, Rpgs, Videogames, movies. We will also discuss writing, world-building , storytelling... Continue Reading →

Journey to Mythica by Allen Childers

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes from Arrowstorm Entertainment is a cinematic love letter to the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game and fantasy in all other mediums. This film makes you want to get your dice out, roll up a character, call your friends and start playing an epic quest! The story revolves around a young slave named... Continue Reading →

The Axe Maiden

Helvina Helsdotter was only twelve when her brother Jarl was swallowed whole by the Giant. She would have been eaten too but with his last swing of his Axe Jarl cut the giants tongue off before vanishing down his gullet. The Giant howled and spat the battle Axe to the ground. Lodging it deep into... Continue Reading →

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