Spellhawks Press Live Interview with Dustyn McCormick

Interview with up and coming Author Dustyn McCormick will be aired July 30th, 2016 at 7:30 PM Central Time. Join us as we discuss writing, world-building, and generally geek out over his new book . Email any questions you may want us to ask at spellhawks@gmail.com. Thank you for tuning in!

Spellhawks Press Radio on Soundcloud

Hello Spellhawks! Just wanted to share with you our latest adventure on the inter-webs. We have created a Soundcloud station Called Spellhawks Press Radio! We will be discussing Fantasy & Science Fiction primarily but not to exclude Horror or Steampunk, as well as Comics, Rpgs, Videogames, movies. We will also discuss writing, world-building , storytelling... Continue Reading →

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