Review: Author plunges into buried history of a classic movie monster

By PJ Graham Seeing the book The Lady from the Black Lagoon promoted last year, I immediately knew I wanted to read it. I’ve adored creepy stories since childhood, and the Universal horror monsters were always favorites. While the book is much different than I expected, I would still recommend it for horror lovers –... Continue Reading →

The Secret Chapter review: Never trust a Fae with sharks

by Allen Childers The Secret Chapter by Genevieve Cogman is sixth book in The Invisible Library series. My review of The Invisible Library can be found here. First off, let me say that I love this book series! Since my review in March, I binged this book series over 2019 and I am eagerly waiting... Continue Reading →

Child of a Mad God Review

R.A. Salvatore just released Child of a Mad God, and I was ecstatic to read a new novel by the author. I have been a long time fan of his Forgotten Realm series. I admit that I am a new reader to the world of Corona and have only read the first book of the sequels: The Highwayman,... Continue Reading →

8 Books and Movies to Start Your Howl-oween

Note: This is the first in several posts where Spellhawks Crew members recommend frightening reads or views for a specific horror subgenre. So grab some candied apples, sit back, and discover (or remember) some awesome Halloween entertainment! If magically (or painfully) transforming into a different creature wasn’t cool enough, werewolves also have the magic of... Continue Reading →

Age of Myth Review

     I read "Age of Myth Book One of the Legends of the First Empire"  by  Michael J. Sullivan a few days ago! I picked up this book excited with anticipation.I am a fan of Michael J. Sullivan! His Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles sequels both deserve reviews of there own as well. When... Continue Reading →

An Evolution of Heroes ** SPOILERish WARNING** In the second season of Daredevil on Netflix the line between good and evil is drawn. Matt Murdock, A.K.A. Daredevil, is a character who lives in continual darkness except for his overdeveloped super senses. One of the strongest senses that he uses is his sense of morality. He is a beacon... Continue Reading →

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