The Call – New Web Fiction by Dustyn McCormick

The Call by Dustyn McCormick The old sea captain was sitting by himself when I entered the bar. If it hadn’t been for the picture my father gave me, I wouldn’t have pegged this old man for the hard charging, fierce fighting captain my father told stories about. His salt and pepper hair was neatly... Continue Reading →

The Dream: Web Fiction by Dustyn McCormick

The Dream By Dustyn McCormick The sky was the color of sharp edges and rained equations. The staccato sound of a military drumbeat assaulted his nasal passages. The air tasted purple, blue as it was sucked into his lungs, orange, and green as it was exhaled. He ran furiously through the hills, arms pumping madly,... Continue Reading →

Congratulations, Dustyn McCormick!

Congratulations to Spellhawks Press' first published author, Dustyn McCormick! Spellhawks Press embarks on a new journey into the realm of small press and independent publishing with our flagship novel, "Ragged Edge." My goal when creating Spellhawks Press was not to publish anything more than reviews on science fiction and fantasy. However, when the door to creativity... Continue Reading →

Our Small Press BIG Adventure!

I have often dreamed of being a successful artist my entire life.I went to college for art and dropped out. I survived the military with a newfound backbone and confidence only to drop out of college again.  You could almost say my creative pursuits in life have been one long string of failures. The funny... Continue Reading →

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