New Project Cover Reveal! Madam Sookie’s Gatorhut: Magical Items & other Curiosities

Cover Illustration by Allen Childers find more artwork at @childersartstudios Madam Sookie is a semi-benevolent Swamp Hag who traverses the multiverse in a Zombie Gatorhut named Gnaw Tooth. While she is more helpful than many hags she always has her own agenda for helping those she comes across. Madam Sookie's Gator Hut: Magical Items &... Continue Reading →

A Tourist to Discworld

I recently read my first book by Terry Pratchett and I am kicking myself for waiting until I was in my 40’s to do so! I found myself smiling at every other page. This Could quickly become one of my new favorite series and authors. In the book a failed wizard named Rincewind is paired... Continue Reading →

5E Homebrew Race: Ærachna (Spider-folk)

Ærachna (Spider-folk ) Ærachna (Spider-Folk) Ærachna are humanoid hybrid spider-folk. They are primarily a society of treetop dwelling clans who live in untamed  jungle forests. They are known throughout the realms for both their weaving craft and divination magic.  Wyrdweavers and Talespinners Ærachna magically tend to be diviners and storytellers. Many practitioners follow the weft... Continue Reading →

Spellhawks’ Grimoire of Peculiar Creatures: Gremlin

Gremlin Gremlin illustration by Allen Childers Gremlins are cruel and mischievous fey. They are a malicious blight on all wonders of innovation. Gremlins revel in the destruction of constructs, vehicles, or any semblance of order. Gremlins excrete corrosive saliva that makes it easier to break things down. Gremlins are often found in places where rats... Continue Reading →

The Wondermakers Key: 5E Magic Item

The Wondermaker’s Key Wondrous Item, Legendary ( Requires Attunement by an Artificer)  The Wondermaker’s Key is a magical key created by an infamous master artificer. A renowned creator throughout the multiverse known only as “ The Wondermaker”. The key was believed to be lost forever when The Wondermaker vanished. Inside the workshop the servants greet... Continue Reading →

5e Barbarian Subclass: Path of Infernal Wrath

Path of Infernal Wrath The Devils of Hell and the Demons of the Abyss have often influenced and enticed warriors with fiendish powers.  These immortal creatures look for fodder for their generals to lead in the eternal  Bloodwar. Once a deal is struck or a soul has tainted the warrior unlocks their infernal wrath. A wave of anger persists when they rage that is not easily quenched except for the spilled blood of their enemies.

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