Delving into Venture Maidens!

The Venture Maidens Campaign Guide Kickstarter is live!

The Aeronaut Artificer releases on DMSGUILD!

Artificer Specialization: The Aeronaut The Aeronaut is a subclass for the Artificer that is all about magical flight. With magic and artifice, these aviators craft a unique flying apparatus that allows them to soar through the skies! They also specialize their magic around weather effects that allow them to gain an advantage in combat.  This... Continue Reading →

Artificer Specialization: The Toymaster

Spellhawks' first DMSGUILD product has been released into the wild! We are excited to bring you exciting content for your Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition games. An Artificer is a class offered in the Wizards of the Coasts campaign setting world of Eberron. An artificer specialization is the subclass that allows for variations of the... Continue Reading →

Eerie and Sinister Monsters – Creatures of Dark Realms — Daemons & Deathrays

Many creatures were described in my previous travels. It would be only fair to elaborate on them slightly. Ready yourself for those who lurk in darkness and dread, friends! Allow this small bestiary to inform you on the powers and potentials of these morbid friends and foes. Or should this fall into more diabolic hands, […]... Continue Reading →

Help Kids Fight Cancer with Harper’s Tale: An Adventure Path for DnD 5e — Nerdarchy

In our Dungeons & Dragons games we talk about heroic adventure and playing the heroes who make it so. Through our characters we get opportunities to face incredible danger, take extraordinary risks and stand up in the face of adversity … Read More via Help Kids Fight Cancer with Harper’s Tale: An Adventure Path for DnD... Continue Reading →

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