5e Warlock Otherworldly Patron : The Spelljammer

*please read disclaimer at the end of article. Otherworldly Patron: The Spelljammer The Spelljammer is a sentient living ship that is large enough to carry an entire city resting upon its gliding wings. The Spelljammer gives birth to Smalljammers and seeds the cosmos with Ultimate Helms. The Spelljammer’s mind and its desires are alien to... Continue Reading →

D&D 5e Paladin Subclass: Oath of the Gunwarden

Oath of the Gunwarden Paladin Subclass for 5e D&D The Oath of the Gunwarden is taken by secret order of paladins whose mission is to uphold the moral tenets of justice, freedom, truth, and retribution throughout the realms through the use of a firearm called a revolver. The secret of revolver forging is fiercely guarded... Continue Reading →

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