Our Small Press BIG Adventure!

I have often dreamed of being a successful artist my entire life.I went to college for art and dropped out. I survived the military with a newfound backbone and confidence only to drop out of college again.  You could almost say my creative pursuits in life have been one long string of failures. The funny... Continue Reading →

Spellhawks Press Radio on Soundcloud

Hello Spellhawks! Just wanted to share with you our latest adventure on the inter-webs. We have created a Soundcloud station Called Spellhawks Press Radio! We will be discussing Fantasy & Science Fiction primarily but not to exclude Horror or Steampunk, as well as Comics, Rpgs, Videogames, movies. We will also discuss writing, world-building , storytelling... Continue Reading →

Journey to Mythica by Allen Childers

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes from Arrowstorm Entertainment is a cinematic love letter to the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game and fantasy in all other mediums. This film makes you want to get your dice out, roll up a character, call your friends and start playing an epic quest! The story revolves around a young slave named... Continue Reading →

The Axe Maiden

Helvina Helsdotter was only twelve when her brother Jarl was swallowed whole by the Giant. She would have been eaten too but with his last swing of his Axe Jarl cut the giants tongue off before vanishing down his gullet. The Giant howled and spat the battle Axe to the ground. Lodging it deep into... Continue Reading →


SKINWALKERS by Wendy N.Wagner Skinwalkers Novel Review by Allen Childers I was in Pittsburg,KS looking for a novel at Hastings. I have recently been getting into Pathfinder Campaign setting and have breifly played the games with some friends. I picked up Skinwalkers and finished it in 3  days! It was amazing! Skinwalkers follows the story... Continue Reading →


WELCOME ALL FANS OF SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY !!! Spellhawks Press was created for me to express my love of all things Science Fiction and Fantasy. My name is Allen childers and I am a Father,Veteran and Artist. I have a passion for creativity and imagination as well as storytelling.nI love Comics,books,Art, And RPG games.... Continue Reading →

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