Spelljammer: Campaigns in Wildspace

Spelljammer was a popular campaign setting first published for AD&D ( Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) in 1989, that brought adventurers into the stars with a swashbuckling space fantasy campaign . This setting has remained popular for many D&D players over the years, myself included. In this setting spelljamming helms give nearly any object the motive... Continue Reading →

5e Warlock Subclass Otherworldly Patron : The Spelljammer

Otherworldly Patron: The SpelljammerThe Spelljammer is a sentient living ship that is large enough to carry an entire city resting atop its gliding manta pectoral fins. The Spelljammer gives birth to Smalljammers and seeds the cosmos with Ultimate Helms. The spelljammer’s mind and its desires are alien to the whims of mortals. Some believe it... Continue Reading →

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