World of Aerwynd 5E Background: Crossroads Courier

Crossroads Courier

Crossroads Couriers are freelance messengers and smugglers of various items throughout the realms. Protection and delivery of items are of the utmost importance. Crossroads Couriers use an interconnected labyrinth of backroads, alleyways, hidden routes and secret passages to travel across the realms. Your reputation is key in maintaining your business. Most couriers are welcome throughout the realms but there are places where entry requires a writ or legal documents to enter. Couriers are wanderers by nature and naturally curious individuals.

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set, cartographers tools

Equipment: An encoded journal of routes and hidden passages, explorer’s pack, various regional maps, map case, dagger, and staff.

Passages & Pathways

You have knowledge of various backroads, shortcuts, and hidden passages. You have advantage on skills checks, intelligence or wisdom , used to determine the shortest route to someplace known to you. 

Wayfinder Cant

You know of a secret language of symbolic markers and warnings known to other crossroads couriers that guide you towards a specific destination. Your travel time for you and any who choose to follow you is halved. 

Reputation: Roll a D4 dice or choose your starting reputation. Losing or succesfully delivering your items will effect reputation.

1.You rarely get jobs due to your poor reputation for delivery.You seem to get caught by bandits or pirates more often than others.

2. You take moderate mundane jobs to pay the bills.You are rarely caught but it’s often enough that high end delivery jobs are given to others.

3. You deliver specialty & rare goods throughout the realm regularly. You have a good reputation and have only ever been caught by bandits once. 

4. You have never been caught. You often transport magical artifacts or strange relics across the realms.

Personality Traits

  • Your reputation means everything to you. Nothing else matters.
  • You won’t transport weapons if it will end up hurting someone.
  • You are friendly with everyone who you come across.
  • Lady luck guides your path and will ensure your safety. Fortune favors the bold!
  • Your cargo is precious but not as precious as your life.
  • You don’t trust anyone. Everyone has an agenda.


  • There is always a way out of a tough situation.
  • I am home no matter where my travels lead.
  • Enemies lurk in every crevice. I must be prepared.
  • Always have an escape plan.
  • It doesn’t matter what I’m carrying as long as I get paid.
  • It doesn’t matter what I’m carrying if it costs people lives.


  • I owe a lot of money to a powerful faction. I’m working off my debt.
  • I will return home wealthy someday as soon as I make enough money. 
  • A dying courier charged me with delivering a package. I am now being hunted.
  • The local couriers guild was my gateway to adventure and travel. 
  • I’ve been delivering medicine across borders to aid a kingdom’s recovery effort during a plague.
  • I’m carrying  illegal,exotic, and dangerous substances and I’ve got to get to my contact quickly. 
  • Someone I care for will die if I don’t deliver this package.


  • I don’t ever think about what I’m delivering or who it’s hurting.
  • I am persistently paranoid that people are after me.
  • I’m over-confident in my abilities.
  • I never turn down a job if the coin is right.
  • I will turn down a job if I think it will bring someone into harm’s way.
  • I never trust anyone and my relationships suffer because of it.

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