Spelljammer: Campaigns in Wildspace

Spelljammer was a popular campaign setting first published for AD&D ( Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) in 1989, that brought adventurers into the stars with a swashbuckling space fantasy campaign . This setting has remained popular for many D&D players over the years, myself included. In this setting spelljamming helms give nearly any object the motive force to magically move through Wildspace. While ” Space ” in Spelljammer operates very differently than the vacuum of space in our reality it still has enough similarities to create an “Age of Sail” adventure through the stars.

Since D&D fifth edition dropped in 2014, fans of this setting have held a torch burning for the inclusion of this setting into the official 5e canon. Home-brew creators have found ways to create or reskin backgrounds, classes, subclasses, and monsters to play in this setting. They’ve even invented alternative rules of sail to allow combat movement through space.

Wizards of the Coast has wisely sprinkled elements of Spelljammer through many of their D&D products. Anytime any setting gets hinted at fans of Spelljammer have bonded together by spamming the moniker “ Spelljammer Confirmed ” across various social media platforms. Some of the April Fools Day covers are actually pretty awesome!

We potentially could see a new 5E Dungeons & Dragons spelljammer inspired setting or adventure coming soon in 2022. In October of 2021 WOTC ( Wizards of the Coast) released an unearthed arcana playtest of some of the races that would be available for play in the setting. https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/unearthed-arcana/travelers-multiverse

We have also gotten hints about the setting through Dungeons and Dragons official social media platforms.

For years now podcasts, livestreams, and other web media have become the most popular platforms to share these fantastical adventures short of playing in an IRL game. Below are some fantastic podcasts and livestreams of various campaigns playing Spelljammer. These campaigns have provided a multiverse of worlds for you to enjoy outside and within the core settings provided by WOTC. Their stories and Spelljammer lore vary depending on the game they want to play. These are but a few adventures I’ve followed over the past several years. If you have more please let me know!

AD&D Spelljammer by Aulddragon
Jem Jammer by Crooked Russian Cam
Better Than Heroes
Tales of the Voidfarer from Project Derailed
Wyrd N’ Wyld from Gawd Mode
Tears of the Moon by Bipolar Dice Roller
Starward Bound by WebDM Plays

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