Our Small Press BIG Adventure!

I have often dreamed of being a successful artist my entire life.I went to college for art and dropped out. I survived the military with a newfound backbone and confidence only to drop out of college again.  You could almost say my creative pursuits in life have been one long string of failures. The funny thing is my failures never seem to stop me when it comes to creativity and imagination. I still draw and write to create wondrous worlds to escape into.

Along the way I have met incredible artists & writers struggling to make a name for themselves just like me. I dreamed of away to help support people in there creative ventures so that there voices could be heard. Our collective ability to overcome obstacles and imagine more is what inspires us to act together.

Spellhawks Press grew from a Facebook page I created to share my love of escapism,fantasy, and to promote artists & writers who I felt were really great into what it is now.

We are launching a Small Press for independent Authors & Artists

Our first Author is Dustyn McCormick! His novel Ragged Edge will be published through Spellhawks Press!

Our rates and submission process are still under review but if you would like to discuss with us your novel, comic, or game ideal please email us spellhawks@gmail.com or contact us through Facebook.


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